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Grid Method (Multiplication of Large Numbers)

Grid Method

Have you ever needed to learn how to use the Grid Method when attempting multiplication of large numbers?

Let Key Stage 2 Maths help you with our online video tutorial explaining how the Grid Method works and how you can use it to solve multiplication problems involving large numbers.

Solve common large number multiplication problems with the Grid Method Today!

Using the Grid Method

Our “Grid Method” video explains exactly how to apply the Grid Method when attempting to multiply large numbers.

Our 2 minute video will cover all that you need to know about the Grid Method which can be used when solving multiplication problems from a Key Stage 2 Maths perspective.

Grid Method Explained

We’re now going to use the Grid Method on larger numbers, 2 digit numbers with decimals.

Lets imagine that you are having a party and you have 16 friends that are coming along. You want to buy each a goody bag to take home with them once the party is over. Each goody bag will cost £12.54.

The first step is to partition the number of friends that are coming to the party (16) and then do the same for the cost of the goody bags (£12.54).

16 = 10 + 6

Goody bags:
£12.54 = £10 + £2 + 50p + 4p

Now we need to put our partitioned numbers into a grid as shown below:

Grid Method Grid Example

The next step is to multiply each of the values that correspond with each other in the grid.

For example, 10 x £10 is the first multiplication that we could solve using the grid method (6 x 4p is another example). It doesn’t really matter where you commence in the grid – just make sure you fill in all the blanks in the grid!

Grid Method Grid Example Solved

The final steps are to add up all of the values in the grids. It is best to do one row at a time. In our example of using the grid method lets add up the values in the first row:

£100 + £20 + £5 + 40p = £125.40

Now let’s add up the values in the second row in the grid:

£60 + £12 + £3 + 24p = £75.24

If we add £125.40 and £75.24 we can get our answer.

Answer: £200.64

So, there you have it. A great way to multiply large numbers using the grid method Click to watch our Grid Method (Multiplication of Large Numbers) Key Stage 2 Maths tutorial video on YouTube.

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Tina Mavadia Primary school teacher who has worked throughout London and Hertfordshire. Add Tina Mavadia to Google Plus or check out my Key Stage 2 Maths channel on YouTube.

One thought on “Grid Method (Multiplication of Large Numbers)

  1. This is an interesting way to teach an old topic.

    The only thing I’d try to avoid is mixing units within the same grid, i.e. mixing pounds and pence. I wouldn’t be surprised if the pupils don’t get the two mixed and start adding them both with impunity.

    Thanks for sharing!

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